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Friday, June 21st - Feeder, Breds & pair sale

  • 25 red 3-broken mouth, bred Char summer & fall calves
  • Pending 25 black 4-6 yr olds with char calves
  • Pending 35 Herford 3-5 yr olds with BWF Calves
  • Pending 20 black hfrs with black calves
  • Pending 15 black SM cows with black calves


Friday, June 28th - Feeder, Breds & pair sale

  • 100 black 3-6 yr olds with black calves


Friday, July 5th - NO SALE


Friday, July 12th - weigh-up, feeder, breds & pair sale


Friday, July 19th - weigh-ups, feeder, bred & pair sale


Friday, July 26th - weigh-up, feeder, bred & pair sale




Our sales are broadcast on www.cattleusa.com, where you can watch and bid on cattle.  See instructions below!

Our sales are also live on Valleytel channel 290 as well as Bek TV



*How to use Cattle USA*

1. Go to www.cattleusa.com to register.  

2. If you wish to bid, have your financial institution fax a letter of credit to Herreid Livestock at 605-437-2634. 

3. You must click submit (under approval to buy) for Herreid Livestock Auction.

4. We will approve you to bid AFTER we receive your letter of credit from your financial institution. It is best to do this at least 1 day prior to the sale, please don't wait until the sale has begun!
5. NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted. The above rules must be followed in order to be approved to bid online. No one is exempt from these rules. Thank you for your understanding and interest, enjoy today's auction!

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        To watch, bid on and purchase cattle.

Herreid Livestock Cable ChannelWatch our sales on
Valley Telco Channel 290.

Herreid LivestockFor upcoming sales or livestock appraisals call us collect at (605)437-2265.

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Our Field Reps

Kent Fjeldheim
Joe Vetter
Mickey Huber
  West River Field Rep
Harry Kirschenmann
  Hosmer Field Rep
Larry Fettig
  Co-Manager, ND Field Rep
Tony Fettig
  ND Field Rep
Cal Tripke
  ND Field Rep

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