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Upcoming Sales:
Friday, January 30th - Special calf and replacement heifer sale with 2000 head listed. Special consignment: Terry Harpole - 200 red & rwf, Red Angus/Simm X replacement heifers, home raised, bangs vaccinated, shots, PG'd and guaranteed breedable, weighing 725 lbs.
Tony Fettig - 50 black replacement heifers, home raised, bangs vaccinated, weighing 675 lbs.
Albert Schumacher - 50 black replacement heifers, home raised, bangs vaccinated, weighing 700-725 lbs.
Wednesday, February 4th - Special bred stock cow & bred heifer sale @ 12 noon, CST.
*Thullner* - Retirement Black Angus cattle dispersion. Never before and never again in the offering.
Sale day breakdown
100 Black Angus cows, 3 to 8 years old
18 Black Angus heifers
6 Black Angus herd bulls 2 to 3 years old
Established from 4-H in 1954, closed herd for over 35 years. 100 mixed age Black Angus cows bred Black, 18 Black Angus heifers bred Black, due to start calving March 20th, 6 trich-semen tested proven Herd Sires, fed naturally with NO implants using the Hubbard Supplement - Crystalyx program. Compiled are some of the important breeding data for the bulls purchased from the Hart Farm into averages that were important for herd improvement as new sire breeding stock were selected.
Birth Weight Average 80.4
Adjusted 205 Ratio 107.4
Weight Per Day of Age 3.78
205 Adjust Weaning Weight Average 798.6
365 Adjust Weaning Weight Average 1377
(16) Bulls adjusted Rib Eye Inches 14.45
(10) Bulls Average Genetics Bonus Per Carcass $55.75
Contact Robert & Helen Thullner for complete individual Angus Sire records or for a private pre-sale viewing of the herd at 605-437-2620. All mature breeding stock carry a right hip registered brand.
Colored dispersion, selling all black cows. 55 black cows, all home raised, 3-6 years old, 3/4 Angus 1/4 Simm, Bred Red Angus, due March 10th, full shot program. This is a Johne's free closed herd.
Complete dispersion of 120 blk & bwf cows, 5 to solid mouth, bred to Black Simm X Bulls, due March 17th, shot program and poured.
*Ritter Farm*
Age dispersion. 40 Red Cows and 50 black cows, all 7-9 years old, bred to Wells Char bulls, due April 1st.
*Rose Hill Gelbvieh*
Dispersion due to health issues. 65 head including the following: all are pure-bred registered cows.
14 head 1st calvers
13 head 3 year olds
25 head 4-7 year olds
13 older cows. All are bred to Gustin, Judd Ranch, Sienknecht & RHGF bulls. Black cows are bred black & red cows are bred red, due to calve March 1st. Heifers calve 1 week earlier.
*FT Ranch*
80 black cows, solid mouth to broken mouth, bred black, due March 25th.
40 red & rwf cows, 5 to broken mouth, bred Red & char, due April 1st.
40 black bred heifers, bred black, ultrasounded, 20 heifers due April 1st to April 15th, 20 heifers due May 1st.
25 black bred heifers, bred black, due April 1st for 60 days, 1050 to 1100 lbs.
30 black cows, solid mouth to broken mouth, due April 10th for 60 days.
*K Fettig*
Dispersion of 30 black cows, 4-10 years old, bred Char, due April 20th.
30 Red heifers bred Red Angus, due March 10th, 1200 lbs.
40 black cows, 4 to 7 years old, bred black, due March 15th.
Friday, February 6th - Special calf sale.
Friday, February 13th - Special calf sale.
Friday, February 20th- Special calf sale.
Wednesday, February 25th - Special bred stock cow & bred heifer sale @ 12 noon, CST.
Friday, February 27th - Special calf sale.
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