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Upcoming Sales:
Friday, May 6th - Weigh ups sell @ 10:00 AM, CST, SHARP. Pairs sell @ 11:00 AM, followed by feeders at 12 noon.
Special feeder calf & pair sale. Early listings include the following:
16 blk/red pairs; 3-4 years old; big calves at side
4 blk heifer pairs
90 blk & bwf heifer pairs with black calves at side, fancy, shots
10 blk/red pair mixed age
40 Red Angus Simm X heifer pairs with red calves at side, fancy
more pairs and bred cows pending
*The above list is to the best of our knowledge. There may be additions, corrections, subtractions and/or additions before and during sale time.*
Friday, May 13th - BIG SPECIAL ANNUAL BIRTHDAY SALE. No weigh ups will be sold at this sale. 8500-9000 head expected. Start time is 8 AM, CST, SHARP.
Early listings include the following:
700 mixed strs 800-1000 lbs
650 blk strs drug free 800-950 lbs
250 char x strs 850-1000 lbs
400 mixed hfrs 800-900 lbs
110 blk strs/hfrs 700-900 lbs
60 blk strs 800-1000 lbs
40 black home raised, bangs vaccinated, heifers 775-875 lbs
75 blk heifers, bangs vaccinated and breedable 850 lbs
375 blk hfrs 700-800 lbs
1100 mixed hfrs 850-975 lbs
250 strs 900-1000 lbs
134 F1 bwf strs 850 lbs
200 blk strs/hfrs 650-800 lbs
525 mixed hfrs 650-750 lbs
200 blk strs 750-900 lbs
800 blk strs 850-925 lbs
100 black fall calves 600-750 lbs
700 mostly black hfrs 825-900 lbs
300 blk strs 875-925 lbs
400 mixed strs/hfrs 875-975 lbs
300 blk strs/hfrs 825-950 lbs
400 mixed strs/hfrs 850-950 lbs
50 black fall calves 750-550 lbs
150 char x strs/hfrs 800-950 lbs
200 red/blk strs 825-925 lbs
300 blk/red strs/hfrs 850-950 lbs
175 blk fall calves 650-750 lbs
450 blk strs 750-850 lbs
330 black fall calves 500-650 lbs
140 blk strs 800-850 lbs
150 mixed strs 600-700 lbs
135 blk strs 775-825 lbs
100 mixed strs 500-600 lbs
80 blk fall calves 450-550 lbs
220 blk/red strs 700-800 lbs
40 blk/red strs 900-1000 lbs
*The above list is to the best of our knowledge. There may be additions, corrections, subtractions and/or additions before and during sale time.*
Friday, May 20th - Regular calf sale along with pairs.
Friday, June 3rd - Cow/calf pair sale along with bred cows.
Friday, June 10th - Regular calf sale with 2500 to 3000 head listed.
Friday, June 17th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, June 24th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, July 1st - NO SALE. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY.
Friday, July 8th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, July 15th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, July 22nd - Regular calf sale.
Friday, July 29th - Regular calf sale.
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2. If you wish to bid, have your financial institution fax a letter of credit to Herreid Livestock at 605-437-2634.

3. We will approve you to bid AFTER we receive your letter of credit from your financial institution. Letter of credit MUST be received by 12 noon, CST one day prior to sale day. Thank you & enjoy the sale!


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