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Friday, March 3rd - Regular feeder sale.
*The above list is to the best of our knowledge. There may be additions, subtractions and/or deletions, prior to and during sale time. Most have had their shots. Listen for announcements from the block on sale day.*
Friday, March 10th - Special replacement heifer & Holstein sale. Early listings include the following. 100 head of home raised, Black Angus replacement heifers, weighing 750-775 lbs & 110 head of Holsteins weighing 800-1000 lbs.
Friday, March 15th - Special bred stock cow & bred heifer sale @ 12 noon, CST.
Friday, March 17th - Regular feeder sale.
Friday, March 24th - Regular feeder sale.
Friday, March 31st - Regular feeder sale.
Friday, April 7th - Regular feeder sale.
Friday, April 14th - NO SALE. GOOD FRIDAY.
Friday, April 21st - Regular feeder sale.
Friday, April 28th - Regular feeder sale.


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