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Upcoming Sales:
Wednesday, February 10th - Bred stock cow & bred heifer sale @ 12 noon, CST. Early listings include:
30 red angus heifers; home raised; bred red angus; due April 10th - May 1st
8 heifers bred May 1st to May 25th
*Dockter Land & Cattle*
58 red angus simm x heifers; home raised; AI bred to red angus bull fusion; 40 day calving period, clean up bulls sons of red sooline momentum; bovi shield gold 5 xl5, 7 way, valbazen wormer, poured, 2 rounds of scour boss
100 black angus cows; 2-5 years old; bred angus; due April 1st; poured
100 black cows; age dispersion; 5-9 years old; bred black; due April 1st
*McPeak Partnership*
30 flexee red angus heifers; bred red angus; due May 1st, 1100 lbs plus
*M Heaton*
25 black bred heifers; bred black; due April 1st to April 15th; ultrasounded; bangs vaccinated; preg guard shots and poured
25 black cows; 4-5 year old, bred black; due April 5th for 60 days.
70 black angus heifers heifers; home raised; bred black; due April 6th; all shots and mineral program
*T. Vetter*
10 black heifers; home raised; bred black; ultrasounded; due March 17th to March 31st. All shots; poured and panacur
10 black cows; 3-4 years old; home raised; bred black; due March 20th; all shots, poured and panacur
*T. Meidinger*
Age dispersion 200 black cows; broken mouth; bred black; due March 20th
*FT Ranch*
Complete dispersion. 80 Red Angus cows; 3-8 years old; bred black & char; due April 1st. Poured.
*Jochim Ranch*
50 red heifers; bred Red Angus; due March 27th to April 29th; ultrasounded and first round of Scour Boss.
*T Bell*
24 Red Angus heifers; home raised; AI bred to Red Angus bulls; cleaned up with Brooks Angus bulls; due March 25th.
25 black 2nd calvers; bred to Vermillion Angus bulls; due April 12th for 40 days.
100 black & red heifers; bred black; due March 1st to April 30th.
25 mixed age red & black cows; red bred red; black bred black; due March 15th.
30 black broken mouth cows; bred black; due April 1st.
The above list is to the best of our knowledge. There may be changes, additions, subtractions, corrections before, up to and during sale time.
Friday, February 12th - Regular calf sale. Special consignment of of 50 home raised, replacement heifers, Red Angus Simm X, bangs vaccinated, checked open & breedable. All shots, weigh 800 lbs.
Friday, February 19th - Regular calf sale.
Wednesday, February 24th - Bred stock cow & bred heifer sale @ 12 noon, CST.
Friday, February 26th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, March 4th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, March 11th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, March 18th - Regular calf sale.
Friday, March 25th - No sale. Good Friday.
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3. We will approve you to bid AFTER we receive your letter of credit. Letter of credit MUST be received by 12 noon, CST one day prior to sale day. Thank you & enjoy the sale!


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